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Analysis of the WCUFO:

Original 74-pages report about the WCUFO analysis. Contains some basic geometry formulas in calculations. PDF document (free download, 2013). This study demostrates this UFO is not a scale model or a trick, indicating it meassures 3.5 meters and 7 meters in diameter. The book "They are Here" expands this initial investigation.


An Investigation into the Pendulum UFO:

First investigation of the video taken by Billy Meier of the UFO dancing around a tree. 43-page report in PDF format (free download, 2014). By studying the period of the pendulum we conclude this is not a real pendulum showing a little model hanged from a cord, but a real big flying disk imitating pendulum movements. The book "They are Here" expands this initial investigation.


Videos about the WCUFO investigations:

Three videos on YouTube with details of the findings about the Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO)


Dancing UFO - Detailed Investigation:

YouTube video showing in detail the first investigation on the Pendulum UFO. Simulations are done to verify if what we see in Meier's video is a scale model, concluding that he did not use a trick, and what we see is a large and real ship.


The mysterious tree at the Hinwil UFO demonstration:

In a snowy afternoon on 18 March 1975, close to Hinwil in Switzerland, Billy Meier recorded a film of the famous Pendulum UFO. It shows a Beamship dancing around a tall tree. We find a big tree close to the house. There is proof it existed; but not in 1975...in 2005. Is this a demo of a projection of a tree in a different place or even in a different time?


The most extraordinary UFO Photo:

Why is it extraordinary? Because at that time, Photoshop did not exist nor did computer tools like the ones we have today that could have faked something like that. And because when we analyse it in detail, we come to the conclusion that it is an object that flies. It is 7 meters in diameter. It can vertically extend its central core. It emits luminous orange plasma and a reddish halo. And it is only visible to Meier's camera because it uses a cloaking system. Youtube video.


Asket Nera Photos analysis:

A presentation about the analysis of Billy Meier photos of Asket and Nera, two space travellers. It shows two of the photos are from a US TV show, but one of them it is not, probably displaying the real ET woman.


A Mysterious Spaceship Demonstration:

On March 18, 1975 a Plejaren extraterrestrial made a demo for 'Billy' Meier, showing the extraordinary capabilities of their technology regarding their spaceships, such as jumping in space and projecting a holographic image of a big tree from another place, or… another time? Even though this demo was done several decades ago, it gives us better information than the current videos presented by the US Navy which are considered to be an official recognition that UFOs are real.


Auenberg WCUFO Analysis:

On April 3, 1981, in an area between Auenberg and Hinwil in Switzerland, Billy Meier accompanied by the extraterrestrial Plejaren, Quetzal, traveled through an area where there were farms, with houses 200 to 300 meters apart, taking pictures and a video of a WCUFO of 3.5m in diameter. At some point Billy climbed into another craft or something that lifts him flying over the treetops and took shots of the WCUFO. In this research we find the place where he was in each of the different photos and the existence of 4 trees near which this craft hovered. Almost all of them no longer exist but perhaps one is still growing in that area. Tools like Google Earth and aerial and satellite photos allow us to reconstruct what happened that day. Clearly it cannot be a scale model and the trees are not bonsais.


Apollo 11 astronauts did not take the Apollo 11 Moon photos and videos:

Evidence presented that indicates the photos and videos we see of Apollo 11 in NASA records were not taken during the Apollo 11 Mission. So they are faked? Who took these photos and videos? It was another Apollo mission, perhaps Apollo 13, which would indicate two frauds: Apollo 11 never landed on the Moon, and perhaps Apollo 13 did not have a technical failure and went to the Moon to install the equipment that Apollo 11 did not.


Apollo 11 and 13 Hoaxes - Billy Meier talks about it.

Video presenting Billy Meier's comments on what he was told by the Plejaren ETs about the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 hoaxes. A hypothesis is described with events in time of how these two hoaxes were carried out.




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