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Sixto PazHe is a Peruvian historian, contacted by aliens that came from a place from the constellation of Orion. These ETs have set up an artificial base on Ganymede, a Jupiter´s moon ("Morlem", as they call it). These aliens are humans, which his race looks like Mongolians. Sixto is a very smart person, very active, and he knows about many different topics. It is very nice to talk with him. Since he was 17 years old, he was in contact with these space beings, in a telepathic way and face to face. He has made several trips aboard their ships. Sometimes these ETs have made demonstrations in front of journalists, who have been able to photograph their ships at night, from far away. One of the most famous journalists was J.J. Benitez, who was impacted by this experience. Sixto founded the RAMA group.

I met Sixto in the 90s in Colombia. He stayed at my home when he made a presentation in the town I was living. It is curious to find that Billy Meier does not talk too much about him or he does not consider his case as real. I think Meier does not have the interest and time to check what Sixto Paz case is about. 

Sixto was contacted in the 70s, and I think he is no longer in contact with his ET friends, or just by telepathic impulses. I think his contact was real. I know somebody that was part of RAMA group and he saw UFOs. The message from the beings that contacted Sixto, and from Sixto himself, is that it is more important to have an inner contact (with the inner self inside each one of us), that looking for contacting space beings. It is the same message in Billy Meier case which promote and spiritual evolution rather that get entangled in the UFO phenomena. UFO sighting is a wakeup call for an inner awakening.



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