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This is a human expression in a Trial.
24 A 25

Bishop, Mario Rebollo Bravo:

You have been chosen to receive the following message of divine protection because of your ecclesiastic hierarchy.


Without discrimination of religion or human position, we issue this message. Due to extensive violence, and human disaster, and because the truth have been hidden, we, Space Beings, have been affected for centuries. The belief of the unique existence of man in the universe is a lie and a deception created by the human being.

We are going to stop the violence and corruption, because of the anger for money there is hate, deception and betrayal of Divine Integrity in your selves. Step by step, we will touch the Dignity of human beings to be understood and heard.

Every human being must be respected. The Creator of the universe was only God, our founder.

The man has a disease in his mind, which is the greed and hunger for power. In these words we precise it to you, as a Church authority, for you to issue them to mankind.

You should start stopping the inventions of chemical and nuclear weapons, and the intromission into our sacred spaces. No matter the advance that man claims to have, there will be no human science that could stop the diseases and pests that man himself has created, and that will continue to grow day after day.

As Space Brothers, we will try to encourage stopping the human destruction, because the Divinity present in every one of you and us. If humans are listening and understanding us, peace and happiness will prevail as it was in the Paradise, many centuries ago. If you do not listen, we will continue trying to help you to understand us, with the authority from our Creator.

With his own corruption, the man is destroying the Earth. He has already uneven her central axis. For this reason, Earth will begin to move with greater intensity to protect herself from the attacks of the man. Some of her legs will feel more pain and you will begin to see and hear her cries.

This human being was prepared by us, as many more, centuries ago, to accomplish the assigned mission. Every day his mind will be more open to the light of reality, for the goodwill of humanity. There will be some that will harm him because of the hate they have in their minds, and they will try to translate him to the stage that man call death. But we will be accompanying him in his earthly life.

Some people will listen and others will not believe. But beware those who neither listened nor do believe. He will have the power to speak and tell you why we are close to you Earth Brothers. Inside him it is our voice that you heard.

Creator, 24-25. Peace. Happiness. Divine integrity.

Space Brothers.



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