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24 A 25
Space Brothers

Mr. President George Bush:

Because of the anger of men against men, we send this message from space, to seek to stand against madness and destruction.

Your power, Mr. President, is enormous on Earth, but not in the halls of the space. For this reason, we will stop your scientific advance, and the use nuclear weapons. Otherwise, the man will move quickly towards his own abyss. If you are not stopping your desire for destruction, hate will be growing, there will be betrayal and deception, and the Seven Plagues will come sooner.

The Earth itself will punish you. Earth weak lines will begin to vomit the anger the man himself has caused it. Hate will increase among the so-called communities or Nations, and their struggles will be disastrous; the man is already pointing out his weapons against himself.

The time the Creator has given to you is getting close to an end. And because of the desire of power of the man, he is unaware of his situation and he does not react, due to his desire for power and his violent attitude. The day will come, when powerful Nations will feed from the crumbs of the poorest and most suffered ones. There will be panic and terror for what is coming, but there will be also joy among those who have suffered. Bloody wars will come in many Nations, and they will begin in those of greater destructive power.

As Space Brothers, we will arrive to rescue those who listened and believed, and to help those who did not believe. Human race will receive a preparation for its evolution; which it is impatiently looking for, losing respect for the Creator and Owner of the universe. Mr. President Bush; It is mandatory to stop weapons inventions at every level. Otherwise, the Earth shift will increase, and what humans call day and night, will move faster. If humanity is aware of this catastrophe, and it is listening to our SOS, Earth would be again the paradise that God gave you before.

In every place on earth you will see a sign of our presence, providing help to those who we are commanded this mission. We will approach closer to offer our help.

Creator, 24-25. Peace. Happiness. Divine Integrity.

Space Brothers.



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