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Billy MeierHe is known worldwide as Billy Meier. He is Swiss, and the most important UFO contactee that has ever existed, and with a large amount of material available to study. It has also been the most attacked, discredited and sabotaged case. This is not surprising, since it is the one that offers the most clear and extraordinary evidence. There is an enormous amount of information in this case that is astonishing. It seems that it can take us several decades to assimilate all the information it has generated. It is also surprising how a few people ignore this case, even though it is extraordinary.

At the age of 4 he observed UFOs and at 5 he had his first contact with an extraterrestrial human, a very wise old man named Sfath. Later he met Asket with whom he made several trips. Asket was observed by Phobol Cheng, a former United Nations diplomat. Billy has mainly contacted the Plejaren group, who come from a place beyond the Pleiades, in a different space-time configuration than ours. He traveled the world when he was young and met important characters in history. It has countless UFO photos, (see the WCUFO) plus videos, metal samples, evidence of tracks left by the ships on the ground, and sounds from one of their ships. He has been transcribing the contacts he has had, and more than 20 thousand pages of information have been completed. He has written many books, with spiritual teachings. He has made amazing predictions and prophecies.

Studying the Billy Meier case one finds that ETs are mostly human like us, but at different evolutionary level. This case eliminates the wrong ideas circulating on the Internet about abductions, negative ETs, reptilians, etc. It has a more real and positive vision of ETs.

I met Billy personally when I traveled to Switzerland. Seeing and talking to him, one feels interacting with an honest person. He is someone very kind and warm in his treatment to others. He demonstrates simplicity and respect for other people. He is someone who has a lot of wisdom but only says or answers what one asks and never tries to convince anyone.

Billy Meier is the only one contacted by the Plejaren. He says that other people, a small group, have also been contacted, mainly by telepathic impulses from the Plejaren, although they are not aware of it. I understand that the general rule is that ETs do not want, and should not intervene in our evolutionary development, and in general, they do not intervene and do not try to change what we think. However, the Plejaren feel responsible for problems caused by their ancestors who were on Earth in the distant past and caused certain problems. Billy talks about a group of extraterrestrial humans who lived under the pyramids of Egypt and were intervening in our evolution in a negative way, seeking to maintain global domination. These ETs, Plejaren, who caused these problems, and who were considered gods by humans on Earth, are no longer on our planet. For this reason the Plejaren feel the responsibility to give spiritual teachings to help us to evolve peacefully, and that way the damage caused by them is repaired. Their ancestors were our ancestors.

If somebody wants to learn about UFOs, to find the reason why ETs are close to us, where humanity is going and how we can help this planet, the case of Billy Meier is enough, because it has all these answers.

I have done several investigations on the evidence about this case, finding that it is real, and on this portal you can find details about them.

To know more about Billy Meier i recommend this video.



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