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Everyone has his own beliefs, which are constructed based on his personal experiences. I'm going to describe my personal experience and what I have learnt. It doesn't mean that this is absolute truth. Everyone must learn from his own experiences. Anyone may be open to understand other people’s beliefs, even if he does not share them.

So please, do not accept everything I say here. Create your own ideas, enrich your own knowledge, and share it with other human beings.

I have studied the night sky for more than 25 years. I've seen almost all of the astronomical phenomena that an amateur astronomer is able to see, from comets, to meteors showers, total solar eclipses, artificial satellites, etc. I am an engineer and I have done simple studies in Astrophysics and Celestial Mechanics.

However, I have also had experiences that are not common to everyone, but I know that every day they will be more frequent. I've seen UFOs flying in the sky, at least twice. I have done research about people who have also seen UFOs; some of these experiences have been very impressive, with unidentified flying objects, getting very close to them. I have also talked to 4 people who have been contacted by aliens, i.e. that have been invited to get into their ships and have spoken with them, with space beings. And these people don't know each other, personally, they live in different countries and they have very different background. These three people seem to be very honest, and I feel that they are authentic by sharing their experiences. Their stories have broadened my own knowledge. Today I understand many things, about the humanity, where it is going, the dangers we will face (dangers that come from inside of us than from outside of the Earth). I know that we are passing through a slow transformation process that will take us, human beings on Earth, to a future where we will be more peaceful and wise. But it takes time, and several obstacles must be passed yet.
And I share this not to receive extra money. My researches, my books and paintings are free. You can download them for free and learn from them what you want to learn. Some printed books have a small cost because they are edited by a publishing company. I get money from my work as a consultant and coach; so I do not ask anything extra for sharing all this on this website. I just feel it is time to share what I know.

What I have learned from my personal experience?

  • I think extraterrestrial life exists. It is impossible that we are the only ones living in the universe. I know there are people who don't share this. They have not seen UFOs, or they have not spoken to other people who have been contacted by ETs; they have not had these experiences. I respect their beliefs and I do not want to change them.
  • The skeptics have the right to be skeptical. They have a key role in the transition process that is happening on Earth. We must thank them for helping us to think without accepting blindly new beliefs. They are often right.
  • I believe that aliens have been in the past visiting Earth, sometimes bringing knowledge and wisdom, and sometimes creating some confusion by making mistakes. They also learn from their own mistakes.
  • Our genes have alien genes. We have a close connection with them, coming from the remote past.
  • The extraterrestrials that are here and that have come in the past are mostly human. They are very similar to us. There are others, who are somewhat different, but all of them have feelings, dreams, a life, they fall in love and they make mistakes. They are evolving beings as we are.
  • They have different evolutionary levels. Many of them have grouped together in a Space Confederation, and they are concerned about the future of humanity. They watch us with love, and they wish the best for earth humans.
  • They do not directly interfere with us, because this is not allowed to them. They will not inhibit us to learn from our own mistakes. They can give us teachings, but they will not make our task. We must learn by ourselves.
  • They are patience with us. Since they live long lives (up to 900 years or more), they are not hurry. They know that a real change on earth humanity may take hundreds of years.
  • They know that an abrupt change may cause damage on earth human beings. Sometimes they do demonstrations to raise curiosity, but they take care that proofs of their existence are not too clear, and not too evident. They always leave an “escape door” unlocked, so those of us who are not prepared to understand the purpose of their presence on Earth can easily move away from this idea, so we can live our lives in peace and harmony, ignoring the extraterrestrial existence. So, ETs, sometimes sabotage the evidence of their presence on Earth, preventing that these proofs are too obvious. They do it because they esteem us and they do not want to harm us.
  • A bright light can illuminate our path. There are people, who have stayed long time in the shadows, and this light can blind them; ETs will be turning on this light to a new reality, slowly, to avoid “hurting our eyes”. When they do their demonstrations in their ships, or when they contact somebody they are turning this light on.
  • They are really concerned that we can damage our planet, for example through an atomic war. But they know that they cannot prevent us to do it, if this is what we want to do.
  • Based on their teachings I have learned that the human being of the Earth must be responsible for his own actions. We must recognize that what can harm us is coming from inside of us: and this is our fear, our ambition, our solitude and the feeling of being isolated from the Creation.
  • We are in a transition process. The task is not easy, but to do this, we must stop expecting that the end of the world is coming, or that someone will come to rescue us. We must start thinking about how to build a better world.
  • We must dream a better world and build a bridge that leads us there. We must teach our children good things and build a better society with love.
  • We should start the change in ourselves, creating a personal transformation. We must first create this transformation inside us, in our life and our personal world, creating an inner place of harmony and peace, before seeking to create the same externally, on planet Earth.
  • The human being on Earth has a huge potential but he is not aware of that. He hurts him by not having self-esteem, and by not recognizing that love exist everywhere.
  • Every human being is wise inside himself. He must learn to internalize and find all the answers deep inside.
  • Everyone can improve his own world. All of us have the tools to do so.
  • We need to realize there are no sins, just mistakes; and there are no punishments but consequences that teach us. Recognizing own mistakes helps us to learn from them.
  • Forgive means to comprehend, and it helps us to keep in harmony with ourselves and with our fellow human travelers aboard the ship we call planet Earth. We cannot simply forgive another person who has done something wrong, but we are truly able to understand the reason behind his actions and be patience with him. He could learn from his own mistakes too. People are not evil, they are simply ignorant. We are all learning day by day, and we will get away from ignorance, some day.
  • The best way to make a personal change is by understanding our self, recognizing our mistakes, and learning from them to become wiser.