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This is a personal web site.

It has articles and documents created by Rhal Zahi, about his own experiences, his books, paintings and his investigations about the UFO activity.

Who is Rhal Zahi?

FIGU This is an alias name of a normal human being who lives in Latin America, who wanted to share his ideas with anyone who wants to hear them. Rhal Zahi is an engineer, coach, change management expert, consultant, amateur astronomer, writer and an artist. He defines himself as a common human being with not common experiences. (Like being watched UFOs)

Almost all his articles, books, investigations and paintings created by Rhal, are free for distribution and donated by him. Some of his printed books can be found in places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If somebody would like to support this author, it is suggested to buy these books; however most of them can be found and downloaded free in electronic format.

This web site is available in Spanish and English. English translations are not fully accurate, with small errors, but they can be easily understood, and gives an acceptable translation of the original text in Spanish.

My personal experience