Pendulum UFO

UFOThe Pendulum UFO, filmed by Billy Meier in 1975, is a big object, simulating pendulum movements. We realized an investigation about it, which not only shows it is a big object, but a non-terrestrial origin flying object.

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Spheres UFO (WCUFO) Analysis

wcufo-dia2On October 22, 1980, Billy Meier took photos of a new type of UFO. He had already taken many photos and videos of these ships, or 'Beamships', as the Plejaren call them (Plejaren is the group of extraterrestrial humans that fly in these ships). The new UFO had a different look with various peculiar details, with multiple spheres around it and several metal parts.

Here there are details of an investigation conducted about these photographs, which gave us an idea of the real size of this object.

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UFO photos analysis - Shaban Pelinku

photo in ManhatanShaban Pelinku, currently 22 years old, lives in Staten Island, NY, USA. He travels to Manhattan where he works. During the last 3 years, he has photographed UFOs in the sky of NY area. Before a sighting he has a very powerful urge or impulse to either look up at the sky, or to take pictures. It is interesting to find out that these objects are flying above a big city, but nobody else seems to be watching them too.

Here we analyze his pictures.

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