The Contactees that I have met face to face are human beings like you or like me, but they have had the experience of seeing UFOS, get into alien space ships and talk with space beings.

nocheI have met these people, the contactees, that are from different countries, different cultures, and they have not met each other. However, there are many similarities on what they say. Every one of them talks about a Space Confederation or organization of several extraterrestrial groups that are concerned about the future of earth humanity. These ETs are humans from space, i.e. very similar to us. If they would walk in our cities, we would not recognize them. There are other ETs slightly different, but they also look like humans. ETs cannot intervene in our decisions, but they can give us Teachings, and it is up to us to follow them or not. Their teachings have highly spiritual content (non-religious), which make feel uncomfortable at some UFO researchers, who only want to hear about science and technology. The three contactees I have met have been threatened, and, two of them, have received attempts against their lives, which they amazingly survived.

Each one of them has been contacted by beings from different space cultures. It gives the impression that the ETs choose only one person to be the “contactee”, so they prefer to have a single communication channel. So we are talking about three different races with three different contactees.

I know there might be other people contacted, but here I'm referring only to those who I met, and I feel they are authentic.


Eduard Albert (Billy) Meier:

billy-otroHe is known as Billy Meier worldwide. He is a Swiss person, and is the oldest of the three contactees I met. He is the most important contactee that has existed, and he has huge available information. This case is also the one that has been more criticized, discredited and sabotaged. This is not surprising, because it is the one offering clear and awesome evidence. After studying in detail this case, it is clear the amazing and enormous amount of information available. It looks like it will take us several decades to assimilate the produced information.

Since he was 4 years old he observed UFOs, and at age of 5 he had his first contact with an extraterrestrial human being, a very wise old man named Sfath. Billy has been mainly contacted by the Plejaren group, coming from a place beyond the Pleiades, in a space-time configuration different from ours. Billy traveled all over the world when he was young and he met important people. He has taken countless photos of UFOS, videos, metals samples, evidence of footprints left by the ships on the ground, and he recorded sounds of one of their ships. He has been transcribing his contacts, and he already completed more than 20 thousand pages. He has written many books, several about spiritual teachings. He did amazing prophecies and predictions. After meeting and talking with him, you feel you are interacting with a prophet.

Here you can find more information about this case.


Sixto Paz Wells:

sixto paz wellsPeruvian historian, who has been contacted by aliens that come from a place towards the constellation of Orion. They have set up an artificial base on Ganymede, a Jupiter moon ("Morlem", as they call it). These aliens are humans, which his race looks like the Mongolian one. Sixto is somebody very smart, very active, and he knows many topics. It is very nice to talk with him. Since he was 17 years old, he was in contact with these space beings, in a telepathic way and face to face. He has made several trips aboard their ships. Sometimes these ETs have made demonstrations in front of journalists, who have been able to photograph their far away ships at night. One of the most famous journalists was J.J. Benitez, who was impacted by this experience. Sixto founded the RAMA group.

See more information about Sixto on his website.



Luis Roberto Rodriguez:

photo-luisrColombian country man who was took aboard an alien spacecraft into outer space and returned three days later at 370 miles away. Luis Roberto is someone simple and humble, speaking with metaphors, with good sense of humor, with profound and transcendental teachings. His life changed completely after his experience, which was highly publicized in Colombia, several years ago. He released two messages that were given to him, which you can find in this website. Although Luis Roberto does not mention where these space beings come from, I have the feeling they are related with the star Sirius.

See more information about Luis Roberto in this link.