You may find Rhal Zahi’s books in different formats. Printed books and Kindle edition can be found in Amazon. (English and Spanish)

Some available Books are:

Blue Planet Mission:

jendua-portada-medA Fiction novel describing how an ET, Jendua, sees the Earth and Earth Humans. Jendua is in contact with his space commander and his spiritual friend, while he conducts his mission. This book describes the help plan of the Space Confederation, supporting Earth.




El Sendero Interior (Spanish Only) :


El Sendero Interior (Spanish, paperback, Amazon)

Meditaciones Guiadas Guided meditations (Spanish, MP3, free)





Yo Soy Invisible (Spanish only):

yosoy-portada-medKids story (for older Kids) showing that we are perfect and invisible, but we, by using our masks and clothes, identify ourselves with this external cover.

Yo Soy Invisible (Español, PDF, gratuito)