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Analysis of the WCUFO: Original 74-pages report about the WCUFO analysis. Contains some basic geometry formulas in calculations. PDF document (free download, 2013) Link
Videos about the  WCUFO investigations: Three videos on YouTube with details of the findings about the Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO)


An Investigation into the Pendulum UFO: First investigation of the video taken by Billy Meier of the UFO dancing around a tree. 43-page report in PDF format (free download, 2014) Link
Dancing UFO - Detailed Investigation: YouTube video showing in detail the first investigation on the Pendulum UFO. Simulations are done to verify if what we see in Meier's video is a scale model, concluding that he did not use a trick, and what we see is a large and real ship. Link
The Energy Ships: Preliminary investigation about the photos of energy ships taken by Billy Meier. (PDF, free download, 2014) Link
Researching a Real UFO - A Practical Guide to WCUFO Experimentation for Young Scientists: Book available on Amazon. It has eleven experiments that can be performed to check the size of the WCUFO. Link
They are Here - Compelling Evidence of Extraterrestrial Ships Present on Earth: Book available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores. In softcover and hardcover versions, with more than 160 color figures and 350 pages. It contains three parts with details of the investigations into the evidence of the Billy Meier case: the WCUFO with new findings, the second investigation of the Pendulum UFO and a new investigation into Hasenbol's UFO photos and videos. It presents the hypothesis about the purpose of the World Controversy of the UFO Phenomenon. Link


Other Books


BluePLanet Mission: (Available on softcover and Kindle. English and Spanish))

A fiction novel that describes the Extraterrestrial aid mission to Earth.

"Several months have passed since I left the blue planet and the people I dearly love. My being has grown enormously thanks to my experiences there. I am writing this report today, not for my superiors, but for myself or for someone who may read it one day on Earth. I have learned a lot about the fate of the planet and I know that few humans know what is ahead and the reason behind it...

...This is not a message to convince the skeptical,
but a wake-up call for the sleeping.- Jendua"