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This is a personal website.

It has articles and documents from Rhal Zahi, about his personal experiences, his books and his investigations about the UFOs.

Who is Rhal Zahi? 

This is the pseudonym of Francisco Villate, who wanted to share his ideas with whoever wants to hear them. Francisco is an engineer, coach, change management expert, consultant, astronomy fan, writer, and artist. He defines himself as an ordinary human being, with extraordinary experiences not common for all people (like having observed UFOs).

Some of the articles, and research done by Rhal, are freely distributed and donated by him. Some printed books are available on paper, from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

This website is available in Spanish and English. The English translations are not exact and with little errors, but they give a good idea of the original content written in Spanish.

Interview as a writer.