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If consider today there must be extraterrestrial life out there,
why they are not here? (see this video)


The Contactees that I have met face to face are human beings like you or like me, but they have had the experience of seeing UFOS, get into alien space ships and talk with space beings.

I have spoken or met these people that are from different countries, different cultures, and they have not met each other. However, there are many similarities on what they say. Every one of them talks about a Space Confederation or organization of several extraterrestrial groups that are concerned about the future of earth humanity. These ETs are humans from space, i.e. very similar to us. If they would walk in our cities, we would not recognize them. There are other ETs slightly different, but they also look like humans. ETs cannot intervene in our decisions, but they can give us Teachings, and it is up to us to follow them or not. Their teachings have highly spiritual content (non-religious), which make feel uncomfortable at some UFO researchers, who only want to hear about science and technology. The three contactees I have met have been threatened, and, two of them, have received attempts against their lives, which they amazingly survived.

Each one of them has been contacted by beings from different space cultures. It gives the impression that the ETs choose only one person to be the “contactee”, so they prefer to have a single communication channel.

I know there might be other people contacted, but here I'm referring only to those who I met, and I feel they are authentic.